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  1. The students are required to deposit their dues in the bank in lump sum; fee is not charged on instalment basis.
  2. Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable.
  3. The online form should be submitted along with the bank challan details.
  4. The account of the student will be activated after 3 to 4 days of the submission of the complete form.
  5. The account of a student will remain functional for one duration of couse of three months. 
  6. The administration of Nova CSS Academy and its faculty are not responsible for any underperformance of any candidate.
  7. If a student abuses the forum, his account will be terminated without assigning reasons. No refund of fee is permissible in the case of termination of account on the basis of misuse of website.
  8. Nova does not take responsibility of any technical malfunction in the online classes.
  9. The online account of students will remain deactivated on days when their respective classes are not schedulled.
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Forum Category Topics Posts Last Post
Name Session Marks Service/Group Grade
Sarah Rehman Session 2014 - PAS 17
Muhammad Umar Session 2009 ... Audit & Accounts 17
Shariq Tanveer Session 2011 ... IRS 17
Captain Shoaib Ali Session 2011 x PAS 17
Hassan Harn Hote Session 2007 x PAS 18
Muhammad Ali Asghar Session 2010 x PAS 17
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Top Past CSP Of CSS Nova Academy
  • Kamran Mumtaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:9th Position
  • Faisal Shehzad - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:11th Position
  • Maryam Mumtaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:15th Position
  • Syed Muhammad Bilal - Grade: 18
    Session:2008 - Marks:25th Position
  • Muhammad Riaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2009 - Marks:25th Position
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