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Exclusive Hostels for only Novians

Nova has achieved such a great renown across the country that serious CSS aspirants make a bee-line for admissions to get the best guidance regarding the CSS Examination. However, initially they--both boys and girls--got a lot of trouble in the matter of accommodation in Islamabad. The private hostels established in the vicinity of Nova failed to provide them a conducive environment owing to the following reasons:

a) inadequate per person space in the residential building.

b) allowing accommodation to all sorts of people, on-job employees, students of different institutions, workers of all types, unemployed persons and the like.

c) hostel administration's lack of vision about CSS candidates' special needs.

d) lack of proper facilities like a fast-speed internet connection, UPS for power supply during loadshedding, etc. 

e) distance from the campus of Nova CSS Academy, Islamabad costing the candidates huge amounts of time on daily basis.

Because of these reasons Nova established its own hostels with a vision of providing the right environment to the students to enable them get absolute peace of mind having all the requisite facilities for seamless studies. Nova's hostels are in the supervision of Nova CSS Academy where only Novians preparing for the CSS/PMS Examination are allowed to get accommodation. Nova's boys and girls hostels are established in separate buildings. 

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Name Session Marks Service/Group Grade
Sarah Rehman Session 2014 - PAS 17
Muhammad Umar Session 2009 ... Audit & Accounts 17
Shariq Tanveer Session 2011 ... IRS 17
Captain Shoaib Ali Session 2011 x PAS 17
Hassan Harn Hote Session 2007 x PAS 18
Muhammad Ali Asghar Session 2010 x PAS 17
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Top Past CSP Of CSS Nova Academy
  • Kamran Mumtaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:9th Position
  • Faisal Shehzad - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:11th Position
  • Maryam Mumtaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2008 - Marks:15th Position
  • Syed Muhammad Bilal - Grade: 18
    Session:2008 - Marks:25th Position
  • Muhammad Riaz - Grade: 17
    Session:2009 - Marks:25th Position
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